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    i sub to him and i been subscribed to you for a very long time

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    Lol no

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    Money is nothing for you🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

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    8'16 stop it look at cj's play button

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    Except airrack challenge because he wants challenge for the 700k dollars iland against Chandler

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    This is the best challenge ever!!!😂😁

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    This is the best challenge ever!!!😂😁

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    Nvm 9:44

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    I love it.. Wow gold button

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    I did one year ago-

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    The fact that one of the losers has 900k

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    The meme ⛽🅰️🆖

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    I found one of the guys channnel it is Tuscan pro

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    You are the legand

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    The first guy that got out was unnecessaryinventions btw

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    Poor karl😥

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    I am your boggy fan

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    Accept airrack challenge

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    Excuse me? That car was worth $2000???

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    at 2:25 the hand is gone

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    Mrbeast can i get that too 1million subscriber please

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    Thats chandler

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    I found one of the youtubers and the one you shouted out

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    2:25 watch the hand

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    I love you Mr beast

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    Zealous is at 2.7 million now geez

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    Hello am from the Dominican Repúblic

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    Mr beast-i need something from karls home Roommate-take the car

  • Filo
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    0:23 plot twist that actually there yt name

  • aquabean
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    the "huh" sound effect is hilarious everytime. mostly on chandler tho cause, chandlers never... mentally there

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    I am subscribed

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    Bro I know about the *bruh* channel

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    whats there name

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    Spaghetti chareis

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    I love karl

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    Love how when I went to go subscribe to them and I realized I was already subscribe to them

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    hello mrbeast i am your biggest fan....

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    *gets him to 2mil*

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    Shout out to @Mrbeast

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    I just started watching and i absolutely love u guys thanks 4 the laughs

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    Accept arraccks challenge

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    1:09 is that ricky boby

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    He has 2 M

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    Mr.beast my dad is in need of a lot of help he can barely pay for the house so if you see this can you please please please help me.

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    @xiayx thank you

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    Try emailing him

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    You should try being on of the first ppl to comment on his next vid!! Maybe he will notic then

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    i saw zealous' channel before this vid

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    Yeah used the exact same bat I have

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    Haha at 0:22

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    I didn't subscribed him yet ! 😂

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    He got 2.33 million wow

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    Awesomely cool 🆒😎

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    I love that they destroy karls car

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    2:46 why did Karl jump 😂

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    I wanna shout out

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    I wanna be in a challenge..........

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    When karl,s car destroyod

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    Only on Mr.Beast do you ask for water and get Perrier

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    Isaiah should've win

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    The guy who spun the playbutton tenichaly won 20k because he spun it and got out

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    9:46 chris's green screen jacket xD

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    His brothers channel is mrbro

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